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About Us

Welcome to the online home of Beeson Ministries.

Collectively, my wife Emmy and I have been doing ministry for 24 years, always with two goals in mind: (1) to ignite new passion for Christ, and (2) to equip the next generation of spiritual leaders. Our non-denominational ministry serves students and youth groups of all faith backgrounds from the region – drawing from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. We operate summer camp each season, and two youth retreats – one in the fall, and one in the winter.

Our approach is simple. We create the space and the opportunity for youth to experience Christ in a fresh way, by inviting them to a summer getaway staffed with Godly men and women who invest in their spiritual growth. Together, we pursue God through worship, Bible study, and prayer – and do it all in a beautiful summer camp setting full of opportunities for fun and making new friends.

We’re so grateful for all our team members and volunteers, who work hard to make our events a powerful experience for the students God brings our way. And we’re always open to new opportunities to connect with like-minded churches and individuals  who are passionate about investing in young people, and in the next generation of spiritual leaders. If you or the organization you serve may be interested in partnering with us this year, please read on and find out a bit more about who we are, what we do, and how you can help. 

Ryan Beeson

President of Beeson Ministries

Our Mission

Purpose Statement

Beeson Ministries is unique collection of imperfect people.
We seek whole-heartedly after Jesus. We desire to be filled by Him.
In return, we pour ourselves into the lives of others.
Our mission is to create experiences - the kind of experiences that will:
Connect people to who they are created to be,
Connect people to loving bonds with others,
Connect people to personal, life-changing relationships with Jesus.

We Believe:
● Our primary responsibility is to lift up Jesus...
○ SHOW people Jesus
○ TEACH people about Jesus
○ Expect OBEDIENCE to Jesus
○ Create opportunities to LOVE like Jesus

● Those who lead must...
○ LOVE Jesus
○ TEACH Jesus
○ PRAY like Jesus
○ SERVE like Jesus

● A camp experience means we...
○ UNITE with and through Jesus
○ SERVE like Jesus
○ SHARE the message of Jesus

Our commitment is to use our personal and collective journeys of pain, triumph,
brokenness and healing, to share the saving grace of Jesus.

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15330 Beechwood Rd. | Findlay, OH 45840  /  Tel. 419.957.1618

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